6 Quick Cleaning Tips To Help Fake A Clean House

6 Quick Cleaning Tips To Fake A Clean House

You have a friend or family member who called to say they are going to be in the neighborhood and wants to stop by. You feel like your house is a mess and you can’t keep them from coming in the house. Even a house that is professionally cleaned can get messy from daily life. Here are 6 quick cleaning steps to fake a clean house.

Clean Up Your Clutter
A house with clutter always looks messy. The first step to faking a clean house is to go around and collect items that are out of place or laying around your house into an empty basket. If you are in the middle of laundry and don’t have an empty basket you can always use a brand new garbage bag to collect the random items instead. 
If you have more than a little clutter or a larger home, focus on cleaning up the clutter in the rooms or areas the family or friend may see or be in while visiting. Once you are done, you can easily store the basket or garbage bag out of sight in a closet or extra room until later.

Make Your House Smell Good
A freshly cleaned house always has a certain smell to it. Find your favorite spray air freshener and a candle that both have a similar smell. Spray the air freshener through your house to remove any unpleasant odors and light the candle to help your house smell better, longer.If you don’t have both an air freshener and a candle, use whichever you have to help cover smells. If you have animals or you haven’t cleaned for awhile, both spraying an air freshener and lighting a candle can really help remove the smells that can come with both. 

Clean Up Where They Will Be
Most guests that stop by our house at the last minute end up spending most of their time in the living room, so focusing on this area is important. Make sure to do a quick vacuum of your living room and wipe down any surfaces that they will touch or see, like your coffee table, end table, and/or TV stand. 
A vacuum and a quick wipe down of all your surfaces will help make sure everything looks freshly cleaned where they will be the most. 

Disinfect The Bathroom
The most valuable type of cleaning product you can have to use in these situations of quick cleaning is disinfecting wipes. 
Disinfecting wipes allow you to do a quick wipe down of your sink, counter, and toilet. If you don’t have any disinfecting wipes, use your favorite cleaner to spray and wipe down your bathroom surfaces. 
If you have the time and an extra candle, light a candle in your bathroom to help your bathroom smell good. This can also help take away any additional smells your bathroom may have. 

Clean Where They Enter
The first area of your house that most guests will see is your entry way. Make sure you cleaned up any clutter in the entry way and straightened any shoes sitting around. 
Use your vacuum to do a quick once over of the entry way area. If your vacuum doesn’t work on the your entry way surface, grab your broom and sweep up anything on the floor that may have been tracked in from outside.

Don’t Forget To Check Your Dishes
Nobody likes to have a dirty sink when people come over . If you have the time, quickly load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. If you are running short on time, rinse your dishes and stack them nicely in your sink.
If you can’t any dishes to be in your sink when visitors come over and have a full dishwasher, collect all your dishes into a basket and put them away where they can’t be seen until the guest leaves. Don’t forget to put them back after they leave otherwise you may be in for a surprise later.

With these six quick tips your house is now looking and smelling better in a short time, without your visitors ever knowing! 

5 Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Should Kno

5 Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Everyone knows that living with kids is wonderful…  (Wonderful and messy.)  But, that’s life.

So, how do you stay sane in the midst of chaos?

Here are the best cleaning hacks that every parent should know.

1. Get rid of carpet stains quick, fast, and in a hurry.

In a spray bottle, mix 2 teaspoons mild dish detergent, 1 cup white vinegar, and fill the rest with water.  Blot the spot immediately and then spray the mixture on the stain.  Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then blot away with a wet rag.

 2. Use a lint roller to clean up after an arts and crafts bonanza.  

Glitter is a mom’s arch nemesis.  Those tiny little boogers can elude even the most efficient vacuum.  A lint roller will pick up those tiny shiny dots before they spread all over the house.

 3. Magically erase tiny fingerprints/crayon markers/Kool Aid spills.

A magic eraser can help you take back areas of your home that have been riddled with stains.  Having kids means that you end up with tiny fingerprints all over pretty much everything.  Just use plain tap water to moisten the magic eraser and then gently wipe away stubborn stains.

4. Clean tiny toys in your washing machine.

You know those toys with tiny parts that seem to be impossible to clean?  (We’re looking at you, Legos.)  Toss them in a mesh laundry bag so they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.  Brilliant!

5. Baking soda is your new gross-kid-bodily-fluid clean up BFF.

Whether you are dealing with an icky stomach bug that has taken over your household, or a soiled mattress, you can blot up any liquid and then sprinkle baking soda to absorb odors with ease.  Then, you’re just a vacuum away from freshness.

These cleaning hacks will keep you sane in a house full of messy kids, but the best way to feel like you are winning at parenting is to hire Excellent Cleaningz Service.  Letting the professionals at Excellent Cleaningz handle the dusting, vacuuming, kitchen, and bathrooms will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling that lets you know that everything is going to be okay.  It’s kind of like getting a hug.  (What parent couldn’t use a hug every once in a while?)

Do you have an awesome cleaning hack?  Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!