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    What Does A House Cleaner Do?

    Having a clean home is not always the easiest thing to accomplish if you have a busy life. Many times, our focus is more on accomplishing our day-to-day tasks which leaves cleaning on the back burner or something only done on your days off, if or when you get them. The idea of hiring a house cleaner seems out of the question because the cost seems to outweigh the benefits when you have never experienced a professionally cleaned home.

    House cleaners are not for the rich and famous, but for people who may have a busy schedule, travel a lot, suffer from allergies, entertain guests, have children, hate cleaning, and much more. Coming home to a house that is professionally cleaned allows you to take more control of your time, allows you to have more time with family, work more efficiently, helps keep everyone in the home healthier, and helps you feel more relaxed. If you have never hired a house cleaner before you may wonder what does hiring a house cleaner do.

    A house cleaner performs a professional cleaning of your home by offering regular cleaning services. Regular cleaning services are performed through scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. The frequency you have your home cleaned depends on your cleaning needs.

    Your first cleaning service will be a more detailed cleaning of your home to ensure it is clean from top to bottom. This first cleaning appointment may cost a little more than your follow-up cleanings because of the detailed cleaning taking a little longer than regular cleanings. If you have had your home professional cleaned before starting your regular house cleaning services then you may not need a detailed cleaning, but it all depends on when the cleaning was performed and what was cleaned.

    When a house cleaner comes to your home following your first appointment, they will perform a regular house cleaning service based on your requested cleaning frequency and schedule. Regular cleaning services include mopping your floors, cleaning your bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming your home, dusting your surfaces, and emptying your trash bins to keep your home clean. If you need any additional cleaning performed, like microwave cleaning, oven cleaning, blind cleaning, and more, the house cleaners can perform these additional cleaning tasks requested while performing your regular cleaning service.

    Ensuring you are happy with your cleaning service, that it is affordable, and that it meets your household needs is important to a good cleaning company. Therefore, regular house cleaning services are offered through various packages to ensure the cleaning service matches your need. Regular cleaning services also do not require a contract and can be canceled at any time.

    House cleaners can perform your cleaning service by coming to your home when you are away or at home. Having your cleaning service performed when you are away is sometimes easier if you have a busy schedule so you don’t have to worry about being there. It also can help to have it cleaned if you have kids to help the cleaners not have to work around people in the home. If you do not feel comfortable having cleaners come to your home when you’re not there, cleaning companies completely understand and can work with you to schedule cleanings when you are there.

    The biggest confusion with cleaning services is understanding how the cleaning services are priced and what “total cleaning hours” means. House cleaning services are charged based on an hourly rate that is packaged by using an average amount of total cleaning hours it takes to perform a certain type of cleaning service. The total cleaning hours included in a cleaning service package means the total amount of time spent cleaning between the cleaners that performed it. For example, if you have a cleaning package that includes 4 hours of total cleaning time, it depends on the number of cleaners performing the cleaning service on how long they will be in your home. For example, 2 cleaners would clean for 2 hours to make 4 total cleaning hours and 1 cleaner will be cleaning for 4 hours.

    If you have not experienced a professionally clean home, then I highly recommend it. You can clean your home every day and it still won’t compare to a professionally cleaned home. House cleaners are professionally trained and experienced to see areas of our home that should be cleaner that we don’t see. Their hard work and dedication allow your home to look and smell clean after every cleaning.

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